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We are a production company of metal structures and technological equipment

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Satisfied Customers

Sustainable partnerships

We build sustainable partnerships with top suppliers and contractors to maintain the high quality standards that our customers are accustomed to.


Professionalism and responsibility towards our clients and employees is a fundamental principle of our company!

Our success is built on the trust of customers in the quality of services and products executed
Who are we?

Daverosan is a company that offers professionalism and quality!

Daverosan produces metal constructions for the naval industry, steel industry, structures for halls, thermal cutting works for sheet metal parts, machining and cold deformation of metals.

The products are made according to the requirements and documentation from the client.

Daverosan has certifications obtained from accredited institutions for:

Daverosan is a company with well-defined principles and with employees that understand those principles and fulfill their tasks with responsibility.

What our company offers

Staff development

In order to accomplish the company's objectives, we place a special emphasis on competent employees and managers, oriented towards success and permanent achievements. Therefore, we offer professional trainings, adequate working conditions and special opportunities for personal and career development.

Customer Orientation

Our goal is to always live up to the requirements and expectations of our customers. In addition to experience, the company has advantages related to the flexible organizational structure, project management skills and a motivated staff, well trained professionally and properly certified in the fields necessary for the realization of complex projects.

Professionalism and responsibility

Professionalism and responsibility towards our clients and employees is a fundamental principle of our company, in order to ensure a long-term sustainable development.

Why choose us?

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